Our Team

Michael Towbes


Craig Zimmerman


Robert Skinner

Executive VP and General Counsel

Beth Sparkes

Vice President – Human Resources

Derek Hansen

Vice President – Construction

Jim Carrillo

Vice President – Residential Properties

Traci Taitt

Vice President – Commercial Properties

Craig Minus

Vice President – Development

Core Values

Our team consists of motivated and talented team members in every department: Construction, Development, Project Management, Residential Property Management, Commercial Property Management, Investments, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Corporate Services. With a strong management team, we strive to provide quality commercial and residential real estate developments and create positive environments for people to live, work and shop. We help team members, customers and communities realize their potential.


SHARE is an internal mentoring initiative designed to teach, apply and live the core values and leadership principles of the Towbes Group.
Drawing from the research of leadership expert Jim Collins, the Towbes Group’s SHARE program pairs participants and mentors with the purpose of fostering “Level 5 leaders” – those who combine deep personal humility with intense professional will.
Mentors convey how they apply the core values in the workplace and model the seven characteristics of Level 5 leadership: Humble, Quiet, Professional Will, Personal Humility, Gives Credit, Steward, Common Vision.
SHARE participants better understand the role and decision-making practices of the Leadership Team. In the process, they become stronger leaders and future mentors.


The Employee Advisory Board [EAB] is a key component to fostering an open exchange of ideas between senior management and staff.
The EAB is comprised of employees nominated from any department within the company. Representing their co-workers, the group synthesizes employee suggestions for consideration by senior management. Their primary focus is flagging operational concerns that have the potential for long-range effect on employees.
Engaging employees and providing a forum for constructive dialogue aligns powerfully with the Towbes Group’s core values and mission.
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